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12- Month Check-up

Tyler had his 12 month check-up last week... and believe it or not, he is not as big as you might think!

He weighed 21 lb (25%)
He measured 29.25 inches (25%)
And his head measured 18.25 inched (50%)

In other breaking news... his bottom two teeth FINALLY broke through!
He got these pearly whites December 15!! (sorry to be so late in that update!)

Now we are just waiting for the other teeth to follow suit, so that when he smiles like this, we see something!

The other day, I brought Tyler down from his nap and Sesame Street was on... so I let him watch for a little bit while I did something in the kitchen. I peaked around the corner to find him resting his little head on his blankie on the coffee table. It was juts so cute.

Another adorable sight is watching Jordan play with Tyler... One of my favorite parts of the day is when Jordan comes home from work and spends the next hour with our son and me. He reads to him, tackles him, and just has a great time. I know Tyler loves this time. too.


Seth and Janet said...

Oh Tali! That is just the sweetest thing ever with Tyler and his head on the table. He only gets cuter and cuter :)

Amanda P. said...

Hey Tali! It was nice to hear from you! definately a surprise. I hope you're doing well! its fun to look at pictures of your family! I will be sure to check your site out! I thought of you today- they're selling the yellow house on Ednor Road. I remember you telling me about it. Love you always, that will never change.

emo said...

VERY cute. You guys are fun!