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For your entertainment

Last night at dinner, Tyler was just being silly... so I grabbed the camera and just let him be himself... fake laughs and funny faces included! They aren't the funniest, but they give a little insight into why we love to laugh with our boy!


In case you were wondering what I was saying to Tyler in the second one... well, every time I said applesauce, he would just start to laugh... simple pleasures I guess!


Laura said...

What a cutie pie! I love his little laugh...especially with his tounge sticking out ;) He has so much personality.

Nora said...

Hysterical :) Your little boy is just too cute :)... Heard the album is almost done... You're going to beat me Tali! I need to get my own done :)
Love ya!

Alissa said...

i love it!!! he is the funniest little boy! :) thanks for sharing those, i laughed along with them!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie, Tali! Stumbled across your site when Kim Williams pointed me in the right direction. Isn't being a mom the BEST?! And a mom of boys is even better! (-; Aiden is almost 2.5 and Logan turned 9-months old today! Email me sometime...noony@juno.com so I can give you passwords, etc. to our site.
Hope you're doing well!

Jenny (Parent) Peters

kimberly said...
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kimberly said...

hi, tali!

stumbled across your blog! you have one cute baby! :) hope you're doing well!

kim (orban)