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Tyler's Birthday Party and other fun things...

My boy is 1!!! I can still hardly believe it! Yet here we are, life is moving on, and he is the cutest boy I know!

So this is his new face... he does this all the time now. He just scrunches up his little face and we all coo and laugh... a regular stand up comedian...

We had a birthday party for Tyler on December 30... just a few friends and our family, which all ended up filling our living room!! Tyler did great with everyone being there. He opened some great presents (thank you so much everyone!) with the help of me and Kenzie.

My sister- so faithful to her alma mater- always gets Tyler something from UNC... this time, it was a teddy bear and two balls for him to play with. Dada was VERY pleased!!!

When it came time for Tyler to have his cake... he just kinda stared at it... he wasn't very interested in making a mess or blowing out the candle or even touching it this year!!!

We even had help to get him excited about his cake!!

All the kids helped him blow out his candle, and then we all waited....

But he was not interested at all!

We even tried to get him into it a little, by smearing it around his lips... nothing... he was hardly amused!!! Next year, I am sure we will have more interesting photos to share!!!

And to further prove that we have a musician in the making, here are two videos I had on Tyler practicing for what looks like a bright future!