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Baby Update

I had my 32 week check-up today. Time has really flown by. I have only one more two week apart appointment, and we start the weekly ones! Crazy. Everything was great. Strong heartbeat, blood pressure... all the good stuff. I gained 3 lb this past two weeks... So now I am at 16 lbs- so if I gain a pound or so a week from here on out, I will be around 25 lbs, which is ideal for my little frame!

I do feel like my belly resembles a basketball at times! Kind of out there.... the pink spots on my arm, are from the flu shot they made me get! Yuck!

So we were hoping Dr. Apgar would be willing to induce me before Thanksgiving, but he said no. So sad! We have to run the risk of having a Holiday baby after all! The one perk to staying pregnant longer, is that the private rooms at Shady Grove will be completed and open for business November 19! So we want to make it that long at least!

And a week after we started putting Tyler to bed in his big boy room, we think we have successfully transitioned him! He hasn't had any trouble going to bed in that room. He has, however, discovered how to get in and out of the bed by himself!

Last night he was making quite a ruckus in his room, so we went up to see what was going on, and he had been getting in and out of his bed to get books to read. His bed has a few books on it... silly. At least he wasn't doing anything destructive!

These two pictures are from a week ago in his new pj's for his new bed.... he was very excited!


Anonymous said...

Tali - you look terrific!! And your little man is so cute! I love his big boy room - when we transitioned Aiden into his new room, he was totally thrilled and we didn't have any "issues" at all. Sounds like Tyler will be just as easy for you. Aiden's big boy room has a sports/ball theme, too!!
I'll be thinking about you and praying for you, Jordan and Tyler as you prepare to welcome baby #2 into the family. Not much longer!!! God bless.

Jenny (Parent) Peters

Scoot said...

Wow Time has flown! you look GREAT! And the Boy Just A CUTIE!!! Leave it to Dr. Apgar to play it safe He induced me ... 2 weeks AFTER my due date that was with Ethan. I think he left S&S while I was pg w/ Alex. I didn't know he was still in the area.
OH, If you are interested I finally started one of these things for my little family theaddmom.blogspot.com


Seth and Janet said...

you look fabulous! and tyler just keeps getting cuter by the day. i can't wait to see how cute baby jack is. and hooray for transitioning him to the big boy bed. im impressed. well def be coming to you get some tips when our time comes!