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Big Boy Bed Update

So last night was great! Jordan put Tyler to bed and all was quiet... for about 30 minutes... then he began to cry. So we waited to see if he would fall back asleep... and after a little while as the cries got louder, I decided to try to put him down again... only to find him standing at his door trying to escape!

We didn't think he knew how to climb out of the bed yet, but I guess he was desperate to get out! So after a song or two, I put him back into his big boy bed, and didn't hear a peep from him until 7:30 this morning!!!

I have to admit, I slept very lightly last night, almost waiting for the cries to start and my duty to begin. Add to that my third trimester pregnancy bathroom breaks and just trying to get comfortable in bed ... it was a long night... but, NOT for the reasons we had thought it might be!

He is about to go to bed now, so we will see if how tonight goes! The Lord has been so faithful to us so far, and we anticipate much more grace for the days, and nights ahead!

Pictures from last night to come!


The Murphys said...

the boy needs a hair cut!