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Still alive...

Yes, we are still here at the Kauflin household. Not much to report these days, and I haven't been taking very many photos or taking the time to upload the ones I have taken!

As far as what we have been up to... Tyler has adjusted to sleeping in his bed, and I have begun to have him take his afternoon nap there, just this week. The first day did not go so well, and he ended up in his crib... but since then, he has had no problem, sleeping in his bed for up to 2 hours. I am trying to get him back up to the 3 hour nap he was taking in his crib... but 2 is better than none, and it has been an easy transition! So blessed!

Time seems to be going by ever so slowly as I am only 6 weeks from D day.... There are days that seem to last forever, and I know that will only increase as the day gets closer for Jack to join us. His movements are so pronounced at times, I feel like he is going to burst out of my tummy. I am seeking to savor those movements, as I know I will miss them once he is born.

I am also seeking to savor each moment with my big boy. I have been seeking to view this time as a short window of mommy-Tyler time, before my full attention is shared with another. He is growing up so much, and yet, he is still such a little baby to me!

Hopefully, I will get some pictures up soon. And have something more interesting to share! For now, we are enjoying each fall day the Lord has been blessing us with!


Kelley Murphy said...

hey if you were me, Jack would already be here! weird! =)