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Baby Update- Week 35

We went to the OB again this week, for the 35 week check-up. I got a sonogram to see how big little boy is doing, and to make sure he is a little boy!!! The VERY first thing the sonographer saw was that we are indeed having a very proud little boy! It always makes me laugh, when they see that first! Almost like they didn't expect him to be so proud!

Little boy Jack, is not so little after all. He is already measuring to be 6 lbs.... the same as Tyler was when I was 36 weeks. So we will probably have another 8 pounder!!! I like chunky babies! Everything else is measuring right on target. I didn't get a very clear picture this time, and did not get a profile shot to compare with Tyler's sonogram.

Below is his face, looking straight at you. His right arm was over the right side of his face. But here you can see his left eye, some of his nose and mouth. He was squirming away the whole time. I got to see his little face very clearly, and it looks like he has chubby cheeks like his brother! Tyler was there, and when the we got to hear the heart beat, he said, "There it is!!" and started wiggling around. Very cute!

The crazy news is that I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced already. I was 2 cm by 36 weeks with Tyler! The boy is at -3 station- so he has a little ways to travel before he can enter the world !! I gained 1 lb, so the total is 18 for the pregnancy... yippie! I am so grateful for that. I had such a hard time loosing the 40+ lbs I gained with Tyler, so 20 seems more manageable to me- plus now we know at least 6 of it is the baby!

So, now the boy is really on his way! I am, still trying not to think he will be here next week... trying to view each cm as one less to get through on D-Day! I am praying and hoping for 3 more weeks so I can get a private room at the hospital... pray with me folks!!!

God has been gracious to help me not count down each day with baited breath too much! We have a lot to get done before he comes... so better get to it! Next baby update, next Tuesday! Stay tuned!


Evy said...

It's so strange to see you move right along like that. I have my first cervical today, I'm curious to see if I'm dilated, effaced or anything yet. Probably not being a first-timer. :) I'll be watching your progress closely and probably trailing right behind. :) Keep us posted!