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On our way to North Carolina after all...

After my sister saw her OB yesterday, we thought we were in for bit of a wait until her sweet girl made her arrival-- she wasn't dilated AT ALL and she had not dropped or effaced either.... so my plans to go to North Carolina had been postponed until she went into labor- so that when we got there, we would be able to stay for a little while.

HOWEVER... at 7 am, her water broke!!! On her due date!!! SO... it looks like we are heading to North Carolina after all!!! I will hopefully be on the road with the boys by 10 and in Carolina by 3 or 4!

I will try to keep posting as things progress, but since I will be driving for most of the day, there might not be an update until tonight! Pray for an easy, safe and smooth delivery for my sister and her girlie! I am SO excited! The only sad thing, is that I will not get to have a date with my husband tonight before he leaves for NA.... (I will miss your terribly my love. )

Check back later tonight for a baby update!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! That is so exciting! I am so excited I can not wait to see pics of sweet baby girl!Drive safe! Love you!