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Clarkland Farm Petting Zoo

We went to Clarkland Farm today with our friends the Hydro's! I wasn't sure what to expect, or how the kids would enjoy themselves, but it was so much more fun than I thought. They have a petting zoo/farm area, where the kids got to feed goats, sheep and see an emu. They got up close to a cow, and pigs, and a donkey. They squealed and quacked at the ducks and turkeys. The farm has a "fairy tale land" area where they have huge versions of thins like the lady in the shoe, and Humpty Dumpty, ect. We didn't even make it to that part of the farm... the zoo was so fun.

The boys all had a pony ride too, which was so cute. The farm also offers hay rides. I think we will definitely go back here. For the price, it is totally worth the trip (which only took 40 minutes from our house and cost $4.50 per person- which, comparatively, is very cheap indeed). Here are some pictures of the time! SO fun!

As soon as we got there, the boys found rocks....

There is a pen you can go into with some goats and feed them... there were two baby goats that were so cute.

Kel got some feed for the goats and they practically attacked her to get it... in a gentle kind of way!

Tyler's first pony ride!
He really liked the pony!

Little Mr. Sunshine sat so contently in the stroller for most of the time were there.

Tyler was just about halfway in the stall.... he wanted to climb on in! No fear.


The big Buddies...

Good times! I love getting to introduce all these new creatures and experiences to Tyler. What a blessing to be able to show them something new and a part of God's creation. The excitement and newness of it all, is just so wonderful to watch!


Charisa said...

Makes me miss the goats... I used to love to play with the babies this time of year! I can't wait to take Savanna one day... maybe her and Jack will be buddies too :)

Lotte said...

How cute...Tyler is riding a pony! Guess he is going to be an animal lover like his Aunt LaLa.