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Big Boy Updates

I have been meaning to update on the how big my big baby boy has gotten! His 6 month mark came and went, without even a mention! And now, hard to believe is going to be 7 months old in a few days. Time is going by WAY too fast! So here were his measurements a few weeks ago:

Weight: 19lbs 15oz (90th percentile)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
Head: 16 something (30th percentile)

And now, I think he weighs the full 20 lbs and I measured him, and I think he is just about 28 inches tall... which is HUGE!!! Tyler was not even 28 inches by 9 months! Jack is outgrowing his 9 month clothes too fast!

So, he has been rolling over, he sleeps on his tummy now, sits up with perfect posture on his own, and can get onto all fours occasionally. He babbles all the time, and I cannot wait for him to start putting sounds together. He is a big drooly mess, most of the time, and gives the best wet kisses around!

I love giving the boys baths together! And now, Tyler has realized he has a new bath toy to play with! Crazy times in the tub! We love our little linebacker-to-be!


Charisa said...

What a big boy!!!! I love it :)

And that header pic is FANTASTIC! Way to go.