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chubby wrists and knuckle dimples...

It is hard to believe that two and a half years have passed, since Tyler was born. The time has gone by so quickly, as so many moms warned me it would. The late night feedings are a faint memory, I hardly remember the teething and diaper rashes. It seems so long ago he sat up first the first time, finally started to crawl, and looked at me and said "momma." The newness of his sweet little personality has been long replaced by the loudness of his big boy ways.

Now he is running laps around my house, he screams "mommy" all day long, he tickles and loved to be tickled... he loves worms and dirt and anything wet, he is all boy! He is in the middle of the Two's- Training Two's- that is what we like to call them. Each emotional response he has, is another opportunity for him to be trained and me to be sanctified. Every time he calls my name, is another moment for me to remember the joy in serving him, training him, and loving him.

One of the final markers that make children still a "baby", that I have always loved, are chubby wrists and knuckle dimples.... they are the trademarks of baby fat that even skinny babies have and is so delicious. But these sweet markers of innocence and babyhood are almost gone. I was holding his sweet little perfect hand this morning, and noticed, for the first time, an almost smooth wrist, and almost smooth hand. These sweet squashy parts of him are almost just a memory... when did he become a little boy?

Somewhere in the middle of the chubby parts fading, he is becoming a boy. And then one day, he will be a man. He will no longer hold my hand as we walk down the stairs, he will no longer smother my face with sticky kisses, one day I will not be the only woman in his life... his little boy hands and feet will be very large man hands and feet... I cannot even imagine what this will be like, yet I know that the days will pass in a blink. How can I treasure these days I have with this precious gift? How can I see past the sinful outbursts and savor the the sweet times, even the tough times?

Even in the most trying situations of training this little boy, I can make a choice in my heart. Do I choose to long for this season to be over, or do I choose to be grateful for the lessons we are learning? Do I wish "he would just stop" or remember that one day, he will no longer be mine to hold and that the training is a privilege for me to be a part of? Do I allow my heart to give into the sinful desires of anger or do I cry out to God and fight for joy?

I choose to remember what a blessing, what a gift, and what an honor it is to raise a baby boy into a man for God's glory. I pray I remember this each moment and treasure these days in my heart.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful reminder, Tali! Matt and I were just talking about how quickly this season of life passes. It's amazing to think Aiden will be 4 soon, and we wonder where the time went! So even though this is an exhausting season of life, it is most wonderful!!!


Alissa said...

thanks for that post Tal, very honest and truly meaningful!

Matt Lowe said...

love this post, Tali. You guys are doing an excellent job with your boys-it's a joy to "watch" from a distance.

Debbie said...

Thanks for this "real" post, Tali. What grace God is providing as I observe ladies who are ahead of me in our trek along this road. May I emulate your example of dependence on the Savior. And may God be glorified as you faithfully work and train and serve and train and pray and love and train your sweet boys.