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~ the man I love ~

The man I love is a man worthy of honor. I try to make a point to say a thank you to him regularly for all he does for our family , but as it is Father's Day, this is an opportunity to publicly honor him so that others can rejoice in the grace of God so clearly evident in his life!

As a father, you have been giving your life away for our children everyday, when you go to work and labor in the burning heat/freezing cold to provide for our every need, and make a way for me to stay home with them. You are always so generous in your affections to them (and me). I know that they do not doubt your love for them in the slightest. I love the way their faces light up when you come home each day-- all of our favorite time of the day!

I see you demonstrate biblical love by discipling/disciplining our children with love, tenderness, humility, and grace. I have much to learn from you. I have never heard you raise your voice in anger, but only speak in measured tones and your speech is full of love and kindness. You seem to have a wellspring of patience for our kids (and me!!).

You are such an example of a humble servant. No diaper is too stinky to be changed, no trash can too full to be emptied, no boo-boo too small to be kissed, no hug too busy to skipped, no dishwasher too packed to be emptied and reloaded, and not one moment to be lost. You have made such a point to serve our children and me, every moment you are home. I cannot imagine doing this without you. I am so grateful that our sons have a father like you to learn from, that I have a man like you to follow. We are a blessed family indeed. Thank you for seeking to please and glorify the Lord as a father and man. We all love you so much.