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.little trip to the ER.

We just had a quick trip in and out of the ER the past two days. Jack spiked a fever yesterday of 101.2 and so, since whenever he has a fever we have to take him in to the hospital right away, we packed our bags and prepared to be admitted. Gratefully, his fever went down upon arrive at the ER last night. They went ahead and started him on antibiotics last night, and released him to come home. Jordan had taken Jack, and they got home around 10 pm. Little boy had a really hard time sleeping last night. Jordan and I were up at all hours, uncertain as to why he wouldn't sleep. When I was up with him at 5 am, I had the thought to bring him to our bed, or even start the day.... but he finally fell asleep at 5:30am. Thankfully, both Tyler and Dylan slept through all of that!

Jack, Dylan and I went to the ER again today to get his second dose of antibiotics. I spent the better part of the morning trying to get in touch with our Dr. or Nurse Practitioner to find out where I was to take him (either the clinic at shady grove or down town). After talking to several voice mails and people who were not very helpful, I finally got a hold of our NP and although it was her day off, called me from her home to explain everything we needed to know and do in detail. She is great and I feel very cared for by her.

By the time I got the go ahead, it was almost lunch time, and I wanted to try t be back in time for Jack t get a good nap. I should have known that would not happen at the ER. It took an hour to get in a room and another 45 minutes for a Dr. to come see us. We have been spoiled in the Oncology dept of Children's where they take SUCH good care of you. In any case, we were out of there is a little over 4 hours and Jack is now fast asleep in his bed. Dylan is a trooper and although there were a few moments when both boys were falling apart, there was also much grace.

For some reason, Jack has gotten very protective of his IV- we call them his "tubies".... he wont even let me look at them some times, so that makes it pretty difficult for the staff and me to clean it and give him his meds. I am hoping this is just a "phase" he is in for now, as he had gotten so good at letting me do a heparin push each day and cleaning the line. All in all, we will take two 4 hour visits to the ER over a 48 hour stay any day!

here are two pictures I took with my phone! Thank goodness for TV's and all his cars! It made the time pass pretty quickly!


Jordan Family said...

So cute! Continuing to pray for all of you! Love and hugs from Texas -aj