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Getting some ZZZZZZ's

The past two weeks have me in a marked state of alertness. Why you may ask? I am getting up to 7 hours of sleep each night! Kind of hard to believe I know! Tyler is just about to be 12 weeks old, and has for the past two weeks been sleeping from 5-8 hours straight.

He has also gotten so much better at taking naps. He lets me know when he is tired, by getting fussy and rubbing his head on my shoulder and rubbing his eyes...

Sometimes he gets himself into some funny positions to get to sleep, like this one below. It is all I can do to put him back in his crib when he is falling asleep, and not snuggle him! I know that if I held him, I would get nothing done!

But usually, all he needs is a blanky to snuggle up to and a pacifier, and a few of his buddies surrounding him in his crib, and he is out (with some fussing and a few songs from mommy).

Tyler continues to amaze me! The best thing of all, is that when he wakes up, he is joyful and full of smiles and coo's! He is just too cute! Posted by Picasa


The Murphys said...

it is official. you have the cutest baby on planet earth at this time. =)

TKF said...

I had to laugh when I saw these pictures. The second to last one is my favorite; something about his pseudo mohawk that's really cute.
Great pictures Tali.