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A Rich Heritage

Spending time with our family is such a rich time for me. We have such a variation of cultures, people and histories. Jordan's family brings southern hospitality and ease to our lives. My mom and company bring Italian passion to everyday life. Both families share our faith in Jesus Christ as our savior. This is such a gift, as we experience so much of God's grace together in everyday life. Tyler is surrounded by this love and passion for our savior, and I am so blessed that he has this heritage.

Tyler has another heritage that I am extremely blessed he has and will experience in his life. My father and his family bring the richness and tradition of the Jewish faith. This past Friday night, Tyler experienced his very first Shabbat dinner. This was very special, as my Abba (father) prayed a blessing over his grandson for the first time.

Tyler will grow up surrounded by a complex and diverse heritage that many children do not get to experience. It will be interesting to see which direction he leans towards... the spicy Italian side or the relaxed beach boy... we shall see.

Here are some picture of Tyler's first Shabbat:

Abba saying ablessing over his first grandson!

Tyler wearing a Yamika with mommy

Abba and Shelley singing a prayer before dinner

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