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Kauflin Caregroup Retreat 2006

What a weekend! We packed up our pack n' play, loaded our car up and headed north to Hagerstown, where we spent the night at a lodge with our Caregroup! It was a blast! It is amazing how getting away provides the opportunity to just have fun and grow closer together with friends. Tyler did very well, as he continued the latest trend of sleeping through the night, despite what sounded like a nuclear bomb siren going off in the middle of the night!

The weekend was full of fun, some good food, a grocery shopping adventure, and an interesting nature center. We also shared a wonderful time of worship together. The Lord really met us, and we were so blessed to be together. Here are some picts of our trip.

Before we left... looking a little cold. Most of the girls forgot pillows, linens, or a coat, or some other item that would have been helpful! I was wearing capri's.... what was I thinking????

Some of the funnier moments of the retreat included the grape eating contest between Caitlin, Janelle and Chelsea. The girls were quite a sight to see, as they put one grape after another in their mouths. Janelle was the winner with 26 grapes! It was gross and amazing at the same time!

The "fully stocked" kitchen we were promised was a little less stocked than we expected... which led the guys to wash the dishes in the bathroom. Thanks for serving guys!

Our dear Caregroup, in front of the lodge.

We love you guys! And we are so grateful for all of you (even those of you who did not come on the retreat, although you did miss out!!!) Posted by Picasa