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So Far... So Good

I can hardly believe how wonderful the past 12 hours have been... it is almost a miracle!

After a very long day yesterday, and the boy hardly sleeping more than 30 minutes during the many attempted naps, Tyler James slept through the night.... 7 hours on his own, and without any intervention, cuddling or holding from mommy or daddy!

Yesterday was very hard for him... as he just refused to fall asleep on his own. And since I was resolved to help him see that he could, it was not a restful day for baby or mom.

Jordan and I decided last night was the night we were going to let him cry, and so we put him to bed, and to our great relief and surprise, with minimal crying, a few songs, he fell asleep, not to awaken until 6:50 am! I kept waking up through the night... my body would wake me as if to tell me it was time to feed Tyler... and I was in shock to find him still fast asleep!

And now, we are on nap #2 of the day, and he isn't doing too bad! He fusses a bit, but has successfully put himself back to sleep, with the aid of a cuddly doggy. And I am more rested than I have been in two months! Amazing what a few hours of consecutive sleep can do for you!

We shall see if this is just a fluke, based on total exhaustion from yesterday, or if he is a fast learner! Never the less, keep praying for us... it is s hard to listen to the cries of one of your most precious gifts from God! Posted by Picasa


Caitlin Woodrow said...

This site is so cute Tali!!! I love it and will keep checking it! I am so glad that Tyler is doing so well! Thanks for being such a great ceregroup leader!

Daniel W. said...

Superb pictures! Great site.

Jessica said...

So cute! I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing with us.