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Baby Update

Well, I just got back from the Dr. and have some very happy news. Our little one has done some serious growing over the past 7 days!

My last visit, the baby measured only 6 weeks and 2 days big, which was considerably smaller than the anticipated size. We were also able to detect the heart beat, but it was on the slow side, only 80 beats per minute (bpm). My Dr. didn't say anything to concern me, but I was aware of how different this was from my first pregnancy with Tyler(whose heart rate was 111bpm at the same age).

So we went back today for another sonogram, to find a baby with a heart beat of 168bpm and measuring 8weeks and 3 days!!! Like I said, baby did some serious growing this past week!

Here are a few new sonogram shots for you:

The growing baby... if you look real close at the bottom of the baby, you can see little legs! Kind of looks like a kidney bean!

This is the heart beat pattern. I put last weeks sonogram so you could see the huge difference this week has made! God is so good!

The Lord has taught me so much this past week, as I waited to find out if the baby had grown or not. In the worlds eyes, there was much for me to worry over and be concerned about. Trust me, in a moment of weakness, I looked online and found many sad stories of miscarriage with the same info we had last week on our baby! I learned that there is NO grace for the "what-ifs."

As I meditated on scripture this past week, my soul has been more conformed to the image of my Lord, and found myself at peace and anticipating the grace of God no matter the outcome. It is amazing what applying scripture to your soul will do in a moment of temptation. I had many thoughts, of fear and worry that would pass through my head- but as soon as I applied scripture, the thoughts had no ground to stand on, and I was set free. How kind of God to give us his word to speak to us.

As for staying fit... so far so good. I actually lost a pound since last week, which I attribute to the onset of nausea throughout the day. I have been a little less tired, but not feeling much like eating! Except for at 10 pm, which is when I find myself ravenous! If you see a little bump on my tummy area- we must give that one up to the baby, who is growing and making my insides move around!

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for us. We have felt carried by your prayers and are humbled by your care.


Kenzie said...

aww! thats so cool tali! god is so kind! grow little baby grow!

Kelley Murphy said...

told ya. =)

Cara said...

Tali--I heard your news this week from Jess Marcantonio, so I had to pop by your blog to read up on all the news! Congratulations! The Wilcoxes are thrilled for you and Jordan and Tyler. Praise God for His kindness in building families all around us!

mmzeher said...

Hi Tali!
We're so excited for you guys, what great news :-) We think you're having a girl! We will be keeping you & baby in our prayers.

Madlen & Eric