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Poor Baby...

Well, it has been many weeks since I have posted... and now, I simply ask you to pray for our little guy... he has had that nasty stomach bug for the past 2 weeks. Throwing up pretty much every other day, several times a day at that, has marked the past two weeks!

I have taken him to the Dr. and we basically have to keep him away from other kids until it all passes. This is not a complaint, but the our lives have been completely changed this past 2 weeks!!! I think I have changed the sheets in his crib 6 or 7 times, scrubbed the carpets in various locations 10 or 11 times, changed 50+ nasty diapers, done many sticky stinky loads of laundry, changed my clothes an average of 3-4 times a day, and cancelled 5 or 6 outings with others, and held a very unhappy boy for many hours (that part I didn't mind too much!). Poor guy- two nights I didnt even know he had thrown up till I went in to check on him and found him sleeping in a mess of it!

By the grace of God- neither Jordan nor I have gotten this nasty thing! But, it has spread to my mom (who Tyler baptized from head to toe one night) and our housemate Beth (who also got to be thrown up on). I count it a true miracle that I have not gotten sick, knowing that I have been thrown-up on at least a dozen times!

Please pray for our little boy. We just want him to recovery completely quickly, so we can enter him back into the germ infested world of playing with other kids!!!!


Hemi said...

aw poor guy..we're praying for you guys!!

Tessa Foster said...

prayed for you tonight. feel better ty guy.