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So today was a big day for us! We found two new things that are very exciting! The first, is that Tyler now has 7 teeth! How he went from 4 to 7 is quite amazing! Two more of his top teeth have finally broken through, but upon a little inquiry, I found one of his back molars has broken through! Crazy! His teeth certainly have not been coming in the "normal" order!

The second is a park, that I am sure most moms in Montgomery County already know about... but we discovered it today! South Germantown Recreational Park! Located on over 700 acres of land, this park has much to offer! We met our friends the Sohn's there, and they took pictures, I forgot my camera... so I stole some from the website.

This park has the coolest activity center things to play on, lots of shady spots to sit and picnic, little kid friendly, and big kid friendly... and it is open sunrise to sunset!

We didn't go into the Splash Park, but certainly plan on making a trip there soon. It looks like it would be so much fun for Tyler to walk around in. He loves slashing water, so this seems like a perfect place!

The grounds also had many playgrounds spread out like the one below... so a there are no shortages of cool places to play!

So if anyone wants to head to Germantown with us, just call! We can't wait for our next visit! next time I will have my camera for some fun Tyler pictures!