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So, on Friday, we went Strawberry picking with Megan and her kids. It was a perfect day for it. The weather was cool and breezy, the sun was hiding behind some clouds... couldn't have asked for a better day to pick berries!

So we headed to Woodbine MD to Larriland Farm, a short 10 minutes from us, and began the adventure. All photos below were taken by Megan using her awesome camera! She captured the messy and wonderful time we had!

Look at all those berries! We didn't do too bad eh??

Watching the animals... aren't they all so cute!

There wasn't much room to walk around each other, so we pretty much squashed all the berries we didn't end up picking first!

Little pudgy face, sticky cheeks, and beatiful lashes...

Notice the juice all over his face and shirt!

This was the theme of our time. I would pick them, and Tyler would eat them... every time I put one into my basket, he would take it out and eat it. I had to hide it from him at one point!

Good times... Blueberries are next!!!