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.apple picking.

I love Larriland farm!!! We went apple picking today and got 15lbs in about 20 minutes!

After a long sleepless night last night (both boys were up sick at opposite times), I wasn't sure how today was going to turn out. They both have runny noses and have been pretty miserable... but we packed it up and headed out to Larriland with the hopes for a good time. It was wonderful and I am so glad we went! The apples were huge and plentiful!

I think I picked 1 maybe 2 apples... Tyler did such a great job and really liked doing it!

I kept asking Tyler if he wanted me to help him carry the bag (it was pretty heavy) but he insisted he could do it... (when we got home he said he needed to help me, and serve me, so he carried some in again!! Daddy has been doing a great job training him!!)

The trees were laden with beautiful apples...

Even Jack got to snack on one...

I tried to get a smile, and this is what I got!

And then got a "happy face"

Some of the apples were tough to get off the branch.

Sweet and silly JJ.

My sweetie boy.

Mimi even brought hot apple cider for all of us! It was great, until Jack and I spilled Ethan's all over his pants and shirt!

After we had picked all the apples we needed, I took the boys to the farmhouse to check out the produce. Tyler helped me with my purchases (some yummy spinach and broccoli for just $3).

Then the sun began to come out and the sky changed from gray to blue and we had ourselves a little photo session!

Larriland has so many fun shaped squash and pumpkins. This one was called the goose gourd!

The boys were VERY dirty by the end of the time.

These pumpkins were bigger than Jack!

The next few are Tyler's attempt to get Jack to pose with him for me... Obviously, Jack did NOT like it at all... and was only happy once he was eating his snack again. Albeit, Tyler was being a little rough with him!

The initiated pose...

The forceful approach...

The reconciliation....

The final pose...

Can't wait to go back with Jordan to get our pumpkins and have more fun.


Charisa said...

um. you have two kids.

christy said...

I like Jack's big belly in the 2 pics of him next to the big pumpkin!