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.just life.

After a week of being home from our vacation, I am finally starting to feel like I am getting settled again. I think the last bits of laundry and beach paraphernalia are all done and put away. The boys have been keeping me pretty busy each day, so between their craziness and silliness, I am getting things done!

This little boy... drank half a bottle of Children's Motrin last night. He was having a hard time going to bed last night, and when I thought he finally was in for the night, I took a shower, only to find his door open when I came out to go downstairs. Jordan and I found him at the same time- Jordan was coming up and I was going down. Tyler was sitting in the middle of the stairs holding the now empty bottle with the little children's dispenser... looking very guilty. There were little puddles of Motrin on the carpet, his pants, and his face.... poison control was very reassuring that he would not need to have his stomach pumped or die or anything!!! Stinker.

Now that Jack is pulling up and starting to cruise around furniture, and crawling everywhere, Tyler has been trying to get Jack to chase him!! Between the tickles, tackles and hugs from Tyler, Jack is trying to eat everything he can find! My floors have not been cleaner, nor have I been more aware of the need to constantly be vacuuming!

Some pictures from bath time! They both got a kick out of the others crazy hair! I did one on Jack, and Tyler loved it, so when I did it to Tyler, Jack started cracking up! They were just looking at each other laughing! It was precious.

Going apple picking tomorrow! Hopefully we will have some fun pictures to share from that! Otherwise, we have been enjoying this season so much! My boys continue make me laugh and melt my heart everyday. I love the way they just love each other! God is very kind indeed!


Charisa said...

Such great bath pictures! I love them.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures, Tali. I especially love the B&W ones!!!


Joe & Rakel B. said...

Love the pumpkin pictures and especially these B/W bath pictures. Your boys are so cute and you have a great eye to catch it on film...or digital whatever you call it these days.