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.the zoo.

Well, better late than never... 3 weeks ago, on what seems like one of the last warm days of early fall, we took the boys to the National Zoo. I took Tyler a year or two ago and he was too small to really enjoy it, and unfortunately, all the animals were hiding... but not 3 weeks ago!

We had a great time with the kids! The monkey's were all playing and out and about. The elephants put on quite a show playing in the water, with balls and just being out!!! The tiger even played with her ball! So there was much to see!

Best seat in the house...

The gorilla actually was pounding his chest as he moved from branch to branch!!

And then all of a sudden he sat down right along the glass wall in front of Tyler...

While we waited for lunch, Tyler and Jack just played around the trees. It was such a perfect day!

I love how his fingers are crossed!

And then, they were out...

So much fun! Later that week we went to the petting zoo with Rakel and Faith! Pictures to come later!


ali said...

your boys are so CUTE!!

kendra said...

they are so cute!
When did Jord turn so gangsta? the hat to the side??