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.baby steps.

I have two very messy boys. They are like magnets to anything dirty. They love it. And in a way, so do I. But this post wasn't meant to be about the messes they create, play in and are drawn to... it was to tell you about one of the little boys who steals my heart multiple times a day!

Jack (or Jackers as Tyler calls him) has finally begun to take his first steps on his own!!! He will be 15 months in one week, and I am have hope that he will start walking by then (just like Tyler did)! He is so cute and gets so excited when we cheer for him after he has taken a few steps!

He also loves to be with me, no matter where I am. And he has gotten very good at creating fun for himself....

I think he was going after his sock he had thrown in there...

I just love him so much! I cannot believe he is getting so old. Time is going past too fast!


Will and Sena said...

Oh, my Tali!!! He looks so old! How long has it been since we've seen eachother??

kendra said...

i adore them both Tal! come visit please

Anonymous said...

Gosh he is sooo cute!

Mianna said...

Hey Tali,
Totally know how you feel about the time - I'm in the same place! And I just read your "drama" post, and it's great to read about someone else in the same place, who's made the same decisions, and I've been encouraged by it! Thanks,
Anna T.