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Drama Drama Drama

Things around here have looked a lot less exciting than usual. We have been spending lots of time at home with two main objectives- train the little grumpy boy and keep the house clean to show it to potential renters (this has been tricky- for example- someone called today at 3 asking to come and see the house at 6!). Between the two, albeit things have not been exciting, they have been busy. And mostly due to the training of one very feelings-driven 3 year old.

So, when Ty was 2, the big things we were working on were obedience- right away, all the way, in a joyful way. Setting up boundaries and teaching him how to obey us! We are still working on those things, but it was pretty clear cut, and I felt like I had an idea of goals I was shooting for. Once we had trained him on what to do, it became a matter of training to get him to do it all of the time, and me being consistent and slow to anger. He is a very responsive little boy, and we saw much fruit in his little life during year 2.

So far, in year 3, we are still working on obedience- by no means have we arrived! But with it has come a side of Ty that I just wasn't prepared for. He now knows what he "should" be doing- not all the time of course, and not perfectly- but he has the basic ideas-- for example- when I say, "Come to mommy" he knows what is expected of him.... however, it seems a little bit of the dramatic has been added to his daily responses to me. If we can get through the day with out 10 bursts into tears, a couple tantrums, and a few moments of crazed hyper running in circles... well, the lack of those thing would mean we have had a calm day.

He has become more and more expressive of his love and tenderness to me and Jordan and Jack. And there are moments when he is so compliant, and joyful.... but then I end up saying no to something and the tear fest returns! I don't say all this to paint the picture that he is behaving horribly- it has just been a lot of drama and training-- I think more than I thought was heading down the road for us!

So- all of this has me realizing more than ever the importance of being faithful to parent him lovingly and diligently. The reality is, we are in a season of sowing. We do see fruit- but the majority of my day is working hard to help this little boy- who is feelings driven! He reminds me of me!

This season has made me more aware of my desperate need for joy to be found in the savior, to be diligent, not growing weary of doing good, and to just love my boy and look for grace. Blogging has not been high on the list of things to do, as have many other things I would love to spend my day doing. I am seeing how important it is for me to be the best mom I can be to my children 100% and not try to give my time away to things of a less eternal value.

My task has been set before me- it is clear- to train this boy for the glory of God and by God's grace, help him to understand his need for a Savior. I hope that during this time of sowing in his life, will one day reap a harvest, not only of good behavior, more importantly, of eternal value.


Peter Bang said...

i am completely with you. we are going through a very similar path. something happened at 3...thanks for your example of pressing on.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tali. I have missed your posts here but I understand completely what you are saying about dedicating all of your time to parenting. It's the toughest - but best - job there is! :) You are doing an excellent job of it and you're setting a great example. Thanks for the reminder to patiently press on even when the going gets rough.

Jenny (Peters)