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.good CLEAN fun.

Often, during our craft time, Tyler and I have found out the hard way, that things are just messy. Unnecessarily messy sometimes. So, I am very wary of paint activities, because in my experiences with Tyler and painting, it is usually more mess than I bargained for! But my boy LOVES to paint. He asks me almost everyday to paint. I have tried a lot of different painting things, from those little sun catchers, to water colors, to regular little paint in those little plastic holders to finger paint. All have been fun, but all have been messy and the paints all get mixed together despite my efforts to keep them apart.

Introducing Parents Easy Squeezy Paints. They were a gift, and we LOVE them. They are completely washable, and are clean! I cannot believe I said paint is clean!!!! Tyler was able to paint, mostly on his own for an extended time, and there was little to no mess after wards. And after (what I thought) he was squeezing the life out of them, he had barely made a dent into the amount of paint in the tube! The colors are bright and dry quickly. So fun.

I think I will be saying yes to painting more often now! Just wanted to pass this good craft time idea along. Happy craft time!