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Where I want to go on our Second Honeymoon...

So the most surprising place we visited was Dubrovnik Croatia. We knew very little about this country, upon our arrival. We didn't know what to expect, so we all had no way to be prepared for just how beautiful this little county is.

This is the view upon our entry to the country. Nice start....

We drove up a winding mountain road along the coast line, and found some of the bluest waters we had ever seen. The hillsides were covered with houses and buildings.

We took a little pit stop for a photo op.

Yes, the water really was that blue... hard to even believe!

And yes, the sky was that blue too.... it was unbelievable!

We stopped a little vineyard for lunch and wine. It was such a quaint little place. They gave us a little tour. I think it was also an olive grove too.

Typical lunch each day was Prosciutto (which I loved), cheese, bread, olives, figs and wine.

Mom and Dad under an olive tree.

Tyler called the olives "Balls" so he kept trying to get them and throw them.

My two favorite guys! Little Mr. Blue-Eyes and his oh so tan daddy!

Little family moment... I love how Tyler's shorts always ride up.. it looks so silly!

More kisses!

After the vineyard, we headed to a"resort" type area, where there were cafes everywhere, and boats, and a shore to lay on... it was wonderful. We stopped and had some gelato and sodas and just tried to soak in the beauty of the place.

We found this path that went around some of the city along the water.

Yeah, it really was that beautiful... dont you just want to put your feet in the water?

After a little while we headed to the historic district. The amazing thing about this country, was that in such a little space you can have both resort- that is not commercialized and then a historic city, that is massive!

The alley ways were so tight, full of restaurants, and cafes. People were packed in them, and they all seemed to lead to a beautiful view.

The historic city was surrounded by this massive wall, that you could walk on (which we opted not to do).

We just walked all around the city, till we got to the waterfront, did a little shopping and took a bunch of photos.

Nice view for a QT??? As we left Croatia, we just sat on the deck and hoped to be able to come back for another holiday! The reason we loved it so much, is that is was gorgeous, it was a perfect blend of history/beach/nature for us, and the dollar is actually stronger there (at least for now!).

A day is not complete without a few sunset shots!

Next stop... Sicily, Italy