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Parlez-vous français ?

Oui, je parle français! Enfin! J'ai eu l'occasion de parler la langue que j'ai étudiée à l'université! C'était un rêve viennent vrai!

How wonderfully fun it was to speak French, to understand the street signs, to understand what people were saying around you, and to be able to barter in the market!!! Going to France has always been a dream of mine, and even though it was only for 1 day, it was wonderful.

We planned a long day trip in the French Riviera, going to Nice, Monaco and Eze. We drove through Cannes along the coast line, seeing the amazing hotels, beaches and shops. Our first stop was at the market place in Nice. They sell flowers, fruits/veggies, oils, soaps, and paintings. We got a painting, and some fruit. One of the funnest things for me, was trying to remember numbers... so that when I would ask how much something cost, I could actually try to talk them down!!!

We were able to get a painting for half the amount the seller was asking of the other Americans... It was a proud moment- at least it demonstrated that all that studying in college was worth something!

I loved all the cafes they have in every open space. Something the US lacks are outdoor cafes. They are everywhere in France and Italy, and no one ever eats inside! Who can blame them, when the weather is so beautiful and the scenery is so perfect?

After a way-to-short stop in Nice, we headed to Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country (city-state) in Europe. It has its own king, queen and laws. It is where the famous Monte Carlo is (where all the high rolling gamblers come to play, and where James Bond movies have been shot several times). This was just inside the city walls.

We walked around the city, saw some churches, and the palace, then just strolled around the streets. This is just outside the palace.

A view of Monaco from a garden area we wandered into... Quite packed with hotels, boats, and shops.

I loved how romantic everything was. All the details of this little garden were just so well thought out.

After ah hour or so walking around, we headed to the medieval city called Eze. This city is perched up on the hillside, and is home to only 50 or so people.

Little did we know, that this city is composed of many many stairs... we got our work out for the day for sure. But it is hard to even think about complaining when you are surrounded by such a lovely place.

An example of one of the many steps we climbed...

When we reached the very top, we came to this lovely church with a wonderful garden and view.

Tyler by the gates to the garden....
The garden, surrounded by more steps!!

The view from the top of the garden. We were both so amazed how common it is to find massive buildings built right into the side of the mountains! This is also the view of the drive we had taken during the day, along the right coast line.

I know, it is just a sign for the bathrooms (which you have to pay to use - around 50 cents). But even here it looks so nice! Plus it was a welcome sign for this pregnant lady!

Momma and her sweetie pie boy...

The last view I had of France, as we left... the Cannes Coast line...

Oh, how I can't wait to go back. My love served me so much this day, in helping me with Tyler, just so I could soak it all in. He told me later, it brought him so much joy to see me enjoying myself so much! It was a blessed day!

Next stop, Florence, Italy.... (almost done!)


xoxo said...

Tali, the trip looks like is was amazing!! the beauty that can be found around the world is such a affirmation of Gods amazing love and power... and creativity :)
Your blogs are always so uplifting.


christy said...

Well, if I haven't yet made it back to France and Italy, at least my clothes have! You look cute! :) I loved southern France--it's so gorgeous, isn't it?