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Home Sweet Home and Baby News!

Well, we made it!!! We are finally home! This past two weeks has been an amazing experience, for both Jordan and I. We experienced so much of God's grace, grew in our love and respect for one another, and had so much fun!

There are so many little stories to tell, and lots and lots of photos to post! I will try to do a post for each city we visited, so that the blog entry isn't too long! We just have so much to share with you!!

So I will start with the beginning.... We left Friday, June 29 at 10 am for Reagan International Airport. Our bags were packed, and we were set to go! I was very proud of us, only bringing 4 bags, of various sizes (2 large, 1 medium, and 1 small) for 2 weeks of travel and 3 people!

The first flight to NY was OK. Tyler didn't like the plane too much, so we worked hard to entertain him and keep busy. We had a 4 hour long layover in NY before going to Rome. Our flight, that was originally scheduled for 9 pm to take-off actually didn't take off until after 11 pm!! The flight was delayed for 2 + hours for various reasons!

This is pre-delay..... notice the happy faces in NY....

We experienced so much grace, with Tyler, sleep and experiencing things! The flight was, well, difficult. Tyler does NOT like to fly. So we did not get on the plane for Italy until 10:30 PM. Needless to say, Tyler only took one nap early in the day, so he was just a mess. He cried for over an hour when we first boarded the plane. He was inconsolable... it was so sad.

Tyler is only wearing his jacket, because after an hour of crying he threw-up on himself and me... We tried to clean his shirt but it smelled so bad, so we put his jacket on him.

I say all that to tell you how amazing the grace of God was in those moments. There were so many moments, when he was just miserable, and we were all uncomfortable or stinky, but HE enabled us to respond joyfully, and just do what we had to do. I remember many distinct moments, where I would just be crying out to God, and he would meet me in every one.

When we got to our Italy, we took a bus to the dock (another hour) and then got processed, and headed to our room. It was good to spread out and lay down!

But the resting only lasted a little while, because we had to participate in a life boat drill! So we put our jackets on and marched down to the lower decks....

Little boy was exhausted, as were we!

This is the boat we were on, Carnival Freedom.

After dinner we all headed for bed, as the next day we were off on a trip to Naples Italy! More stories to come about Naples !

But for now.... another BABY UPDATE!

Today was my BIG sonogram, where we got to see our little one! Jordan and I were so excited to see the baby! These two pictures look a lot like Tyler did.... so his little BROTHER might look something like him!

He had a very strong heart beat and the guesstimate of weight was 12 oz. He is measuring perfectly to my due date. He was moving around like crazy, the sonographer kept having to chase him around to get measurements of all his parts (which are all there and perfect)!

We are so excited to be having another boy! It works out really well, as I already have boy stuff for the same season, as Tyler was also born in December! Now we get to think about bunk beds in the future, and more blue, and baby boy names... Any suggestions?

Time for the monthly weigh in....So this was me the day we left at 17 weeks... weighing in at 135lbs..

This was me the day we got back. weighing in at 136 lbs.... but having a lot bigger of a belly! With Tyler, I weighed a lot more.... lets just say, that with him, I had already gained 17 lbs by 20 weeks. This time, if you don't count the weight I lost during the first trimester, but my pre-pregnancy weight, I have gained only 1 lb (Otherwise I have gained 3 lbs)! I am still in shock about that one! But as you read about all the walking we did in Italy, it might make a lot more sense!

So, having a fit pregnancy has been great so far. We will see how I fare over the next few months! More to come on Italy and our trip!


Jenn said...

Welcome home Tali! And congrats on a sweet baby boy, how kind of God! I have been wondering where you were :) Can't wait to hear about your special trip!

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Hemi said...

Wow wow wow to everything!! Great update..looking forward to reading more! :)

Alissa said...

yay!! you look great! i am glad you guys are back, i love reading about your trip, keep posting! :)

Mike & Sarah said...

TK- Welcome back, my friend! So great to get an update, and SOO excited about your baby BOY. I miss you! (Sarah T)