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Jack's Body Guard

So this was the dramatic moment of the day yesterday.... I came around the corner to hear Jack choking and gasping... only to pick him up and find a nickle in his mouth and a guilty Tyler running away....

Yikes! Praise God, it was only a moment of gasping for the baby and I was in the room to hear him! Having a toddler sure keeps things interesting! He is keeping me on my toes! I feel like I am constantly his body guard from Tyler!!!

I am sure this is just the beginning of the mischievous things Tyler does, but what another great thing to teach me to trust in the Lord for my children's lives!


Dee said...

Thankful that the Lord allowed you to hear baby Jack! Praise God.
My boys have all tried to feed one another foreign objects when they were infants.Caleb tried to feed Leigha a cashew the other day. You are always on your toes when toddlers are involved. So greatful for God's mercy on all of our lives as mommies! Love you girly. I am praying for you in this challenging yet enjoyable season :)