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It's official....

Jack is sleeping through the night!! I am so blessed!!! I wanted to wait a little while before making a decision that he was, indeed, sleeping a 8-9 hour stretch each night. It started two Sunday's ago.. so we are two weeks into me getting more sleep!! You would think I would not be still desperate for a nap some days, after getting so much more sleep, yet here I find myself still needy! Today, I decided doesn't count, as a day I shouldn't have gotten a nap-- Tyler was wide awake and wanted to play from 12- 3 am! It was a long night!

Why is jack sleeping so long at 9 weeks ?? Maybe it has something to do with his weight, maybe it is just a whim, and will change back tonight... either case, I am a blessed woman, to have gotten a stretch of sleep longer than 4 hours for the past two weeks!

Here are a few pictures from the last photo shoot I took of Jack. I love his blue eyes. Just gorgeous! I hope he keeps them!

Is that one chubby boy or what???

I keep trying to capture his wonderful smile, but cannot get it with the camera and me trying to make him laugh at the same time... I will keep trying though! He smiles with his eyes... not really captured here...

I got this cute outfit at the baby bazaar for $2!! Gotta love the baby bazaar!

Ooooo I love him so much! I am amazed at how deep the love runs! He coos and smiles all the time, and it just melts my heart!


Anonymous said...

He is so precious! His blue eyes ARE gorgeous!!

What's the Baby Bazaar?!

Jenny P.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!! Tali he is getting so big I can not believe it!!! Leigha has the same outfit in Pink. Gotta love hand me downs and Baby bazzars. I got her a ton of Gap stuff for 1-2 dollars. They have it again in May.
love ya!

TK said...

Your boys are beautiful!