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Tough Stains?

I don't usually try to sell things to my friends, but I have to tell you about a product that I simply LOVE and think should be in every moms laundry room. My mom gave me some spot cleaner a few years ago, and I have never used another kind! Let me just tell you why this stuff is simply the BEST...

~ It can take out dried-on, caked-on infant poop from a garment that was not pre-soaked or pretreated days after it was stained. Simply apply and throw in the wash- and it is GONE!

~ It can remove those annoying dark grease spots from cooking, even after it has gone through the dryer.

~ It can remove the nastiest thing your toddler can spit out, lay on, or rub on his/her clothes.

~ It can even remove blood and sweat stains (in case your man is having a tough day!).

I have tried Shout, Tide Sick, Spray N Wash, and Zout... this is really better than them all!

OK, so I just wanted to share how much I love it, and how much time it saves me, and that you really should try it! You can get it here and learn more about it or watch a demo here!