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A trip down south!

We headed down to North Carolina for the weekend to see my sister and her family two weekends ago! It was a whirlwind trip, but oh so fun as well as tiring! We didn't get there until 1 am.... and did not get to sleep until 4 am because Tyler was so freaked out about the newness of the place. It was a long first night, but it was worth it just to be with my sister.

On Saturday, we got to visit with my sisters in-laws... they love our kids, and have always been so much fun to visit with.

I finally go to see my sister with a bump! She has hardly gained any weight and is just now starting to look pregnant and she is almost 27 weeks! Can't wait to meet little Katie Grace!

My sister's step-daughter, MacKenzie was there with us too, so Tyler had a playmate most of the time! She looks so much like Lotte's husband! Makes you wonder what Katie will look like.

My sweet boy... such a poser!

He got a hold of Wes' birthday balloons. His birthday is on Valentines day, so he gets romantic balloons! I loved that you could see Tyler's eyes through the blur of the balloons.

My sister has a dog named Lila- which means night in Hebrew. She was very interested in Jack and super gentle with him. She kept sniffing him and wanting to sit by him. Jack didn't seem to mind. Good practice for their baby...

And Tyler, who was totally in love with the dog, played with her the entire time. She was very patient with him! Never once did she get tired of him chasing her around the house! After what happened with the other dog, this is a very good thing! I am so glad our child is not afraid of dogs, even though he has been scared by them twice!

We so enjoyed our time with Lotte and Wes. I can't wait to meet their little girl in a few months!!! Hopefully the next visit will be to welcome her to the world!


Charisa said...

Aww. Lotte is so cute! YAY for her :)