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Need your help....

Alright all you experienced moms out there... if you read my blog, I need your help! I am having the hardest times getting Jack on a schedule, because if I let him cry during Tyler's afternoon nap, he consistently wakes up the big boy. Tyler used to sleep 3 hrs in the afternoon, which I think he needs. Since Jack takes smaller naps, with feedings and their schedules do not typically match up, Jack's wake-up falls smack dab in the middle of Tyler's long chunk- thus Tyler has only been sleeping for 1- 1.5 hrs the past few weeks! In addition to his lack of sleep, Tyler has figured out how to climb out of his bed and open his door... so when get gets up, he marches right out the door to play.

This is not making things easy around here! I have put a sound machine in Tyler's room, and it sounds like the waterfall is falling directly in his room!!! That still is not enough to block the loud cries of Jack next door. Jordan suggested we try putting Jack down in the pack n play in the basement. I know Tyler won't hear him there, but I really want to get Jack ok in his own bed during the day as well as the night, as well as Tyler to be sleeping longer.

So I am going to try the basement thing tomorrow... but need any other tips you experienced moms might be able to pass my way! Any helpful tidbits you can share would be appreciated!


rob and mary said...

not that i know anything, but maybe once jack is on a schedule, you can move him back to his bedroom...won't he likely stay on his schedule? and then he'll be in his room like you want. the basement idea has my vote. :)