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Scary Moment....

I was hoping to post some cute pictures of Tyler and funny stories today... but have not had the time to upload my pictures. Instead, we had a scary moment, that certainly got my heart racing.

Tyler was out in the common ground field by our neighbors house. He and Marli (their 5 year old daughter) were just running around the field, when a big boxer jumped up on the fence and began to bark at them. Marli tried to grab Tyler and run back, but Tyler being the boy in love with dogs, refused to move. My neighbor suddenly saw the situation, and told me to run. I looked over and saw the dog clear the fence and head straight for my son.

Hit the pause button here: by the grace of God alone, I did not freak out. I had complete peace. Not typical response when an angry dog is attacking your child.

Back to the rescue.... the dog was circling and snarling at Tyler, who at this point, began to scream and cry, and was frozen in place. I cannot imagine what he was thinking,when this dog twice as big as him was inches from his little body. The dog began lunging at Tyler, and I finally (it seemed like a long run) got to him. I swept him up in my arms, and he clung to me for dear life. Tears were streaming down his face, as he said, "dat doggie mean...." and "I scared..." I didn't run away, as the dog was still coming after us, and I knew he would chase us if we ran.

So we made it safely home, and my neighbor called the Animal Protection Cops.... she said her heart was still racing....

I am so grateful to God for protecting Tyler from such a dangerous situation. He could have been mauled, bitten, ect. very easily... yet something was holding the dog back from hurting him. That something is God, and I am so grateful that I am not the only one protecting my child. I am so grateful that God is bigger than me, than any dog, and any fearful situation. What a mighty God we serve. So Tyler has survived yet another dog attack... and the funny thing is, he was calling for the other dogs in the neighborhood almost as soon as the tears stopped!


Anonymous said...

Praise God Tali!! God is so Faithful. I am so greatful for his hands on our childrens lives!
Love Dee

Evy said...

'My' heart is racing as I read this! It's been a rough day for my poor heart! This morning Marlon showed me a picture of a fire in a building and the parents had to drop their 9-month old girl from the 4th floor to save her! They ended up making it out too, but it brought tears to my eyes!
Praise God for giving you peace in that moment and for protecting Tyler!