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Baby Watch- Week 38

We made it!!! The private rooms, or the "hotel rooms" as Dr. Tran called them today, are officially opened!!! I am so happy! I did a "we made it dance" this morning!!! The Lord is so kind. I really am just so grateful to God that we get to experience the new rooms. For any mom who has shared a room, or even heard about it, you know what a blessing it will be to have a private room and bathroom!

So onto the exciting progress report! Well, all these uncomfortable contractions are doing something! I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Little boy has dropped a little more and is at -2 station.

I gained a little more weight this time- so I am at the 22 lb mark. So happy about that. As Dr. Tran took a look at my massive tummy, she was "warning" me that she thinks he will be a big baby. Since he has already dropped and is not all scrunched up, the fact that I am as big as I am, to her, meant at least 8 lbs! I guess we will know that soon enough!

She also seemed to think that my labor would go fast. She speculated that because my body seemed so ready, it wouldn't take nearly as long as with Tyler (15 hours). As much as that makes me very happy to hear, I am also totally ready for the long haul. Jordan keeps asking me, if my heart is prepared for a tough labor... just to make sure, so that I am not disappointed if it lasts more than 2 or 3 hours... and I think I am!

We were talking about why Dr. Apgar decided to induce me, and she was very clear, that because Tyler was 3 weeks early, large, and had shoulder dystocia (his broad shoulders got lodged in my pelvic bones becasue he was sideways and had a very tough time getting out), that it made perfect sense to have this baby a week early. That made me feel better! I don't want a repeat of last time!!!

So, with the induction just 4 days away, and my body really ready at any point, we are getting all the last minute things in order. It is hard to believe that in a few days, we will have two kids. This is my last Monday with only one little one...Crazy! We will keep you posted if anything happens sooner that Friday! I really don't want to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital(even if it is a plush new room), so if I don't have him today.... pray for Friday!


Mike & Sarah said...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! I'm so excited for you, TK! Can't wait to meet this little one, and I look forward to learning from you as you care for another little person in the same God-glorifying way that you care for your hubby and Tyler!