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Wondering and Waiting....

One day until this baby is considered "full-term".... which brings me one day closer to my due date, one day closer to holding my new little son in my arms.... one day closer to not being pregnant anymore.... I keep wondering when he will come. Will he be super early like Tyler, or days late? Will we have another holiday baby or will I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner with family?

The past few days, I "feel" like the baby has dropped... although my torso is so short, I don't imagine it looks like he is very much lower than before. I sure can breath easier these days, except when I have just carried Tyler up the stairs, and that leaves me panting for breath! I do feel like he has gotten lower... so watching me walking has become quite amusing to see. Unfortunately, I waddle... yep, I catch myself doing it all the time!

It is amusing at times how even the simplest tasks become difficult during the last weeks of pregnancy... putting on shoes and socks, painting your nails, anything that involves bending over... Even leaning forward to adjust the air or the radio in my car has become difficult... so yeah, as the days get closer to meeting this little boy, I patiently remind myself, that it will be over all to quickly.... that is, after I adjust the air and walk back up the stairs and catch my breath!

I think we have gotten everything in order around the house in preparation for Jack... the house has been cleaned, the floors mopped, the rooms organized, the laundry done, clothes set aside for the Tyler to stay with mom and me to go to the hospital, the bassinet in place and the car seat ready to go. My mom (aka- my personal hero) came over and cleaned the house with me one afternoon, until we were both pooped! So now we just get to sit and wonder.. and wait....

This weekend, I am heading off to a weekend full of shopping for the annual Kauflin Ladies shopping extravaganza!!! Hoping the boy doesn't want to come while shopping, but at least we will have a nurse, two VERY experienced moms and lots of fun it he does decide to come..... think of the headlines it will make!!

See you Monday!


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