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6 days and counting???

So we are officially more pregnant than I have ever been, and that is not saying much! I am just over the 38 week marker, but a whopping 6 days more pregnant than I was with Tyler! I have hit the point in pregnancy, where I am ready to be done! I keep thinking... I am all done having a belly, I just want to have a baby!!!

So the reason it is 6 days and counting, is that my Dr. has signed me up to be induced this Friday at 9 am if I have not had him before then! So there is an end in sight, and it is a week before I am due!

When the whole idea of me getting induced came up, Jordan and I were just talking about the optimal day of the week for him to be born on- really what would be most convenient for us, and our families... not like we have a choice in the matter... or did we??? So we decided to give my Dr. a call and just see what he thought about that idea!

To my great surprise, he agreed to do it! After an amusing conversation with Dr. A on the phone, I sat in shock that I might get induced (if he doesn't come on his own sooner)....Upon reflection, there is really no medical reason for me to go early--- beyond the fact that Tyler, at 3 weeks early weighed a little over 8 lbs and had a tough time getting out--- That was all I could think of!

So here we are with 6 days to go...crazy! If you are reading this, and it has caused you to struggle in any way, because you have always had to go full term or close to it... I apologize!!!! My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so we will see if I have progressed any further, and if the Dr. thinks we will even make it to Friday! At this point, I am just trying not to pre-maturely rejoice about the private rooms being opened tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

There's something so final about knowing which date you'll have him isn't there? It makes it more 'real' somehow? Or is that just a new mommy experience?

Can't wait to see the pictures! I'll be praying that you make it until Friday! :)

Evy :)